Why ISS?

Its clear focus on service management as a driver for corporate development makes the ISS one of the leading institutions in this area.



Tactical Success and Strategic Sustainability: Service Skills

For anyone who masters service business perfectly, whether at the help desk or as CEO, it is not just a mental exercise. They think and feel service, use analytical skills and emotional qualities. As a combination, these service skills complement each other to make an unbeatable team.

Experience, Competence and Customer Orientation

In order to achieve service excellence, the company must first clarify its status quo in terms of service:
How do I perform with my services? At what service level am I? If I only repair a technical device as part of the warranty, I merely fulfill the basics. Or, do I advise my clients even beyond my own product based on my knowledge of the industry?

If we do so, we talk about added value independent of a product. This makes service knowledge-based and generates value from know-how and education.

A Wide Range of Contents and Formats

The service competence model is an orientation framework, a guide and a perspective for employees as well as executives in their daily strategies to handle strengths, weaknesses, norms and values. Individual competencies arise from internal business drivers – these are the topics that have a significant impact on the future of the company.

Transformation Process with ISS

Emotional competencies can create a close relationship with the customer – show empathy, build closeness, gain confidence. Expert skills allow us to understand the customer's business, to use tools with methodological competence and to develop efficient service solutions.

With an economic view of the whole business, service creates value for your own company and the customer: profit and customer benefit.

Reasons to Work with ISS

Would You Like a Reference From Our Customers?

If you are interested in a reference customer, please contact your business partner at ISS.

Is your request related to a planned cooperation for a consultation project or to a registration for an ISS program? Your contact partner at ISS knows which references are most comparable to your topic and will be able to suggest suitable companies and name their contact persons.

ISS Business School – Certified Professional Development

We are a member of the advanced training association Weiterbildung Hamburg e.V. and have committed ourselves to quality standards. The ISS Business School is committed to comply with the quality standards of Weiterbildung Hamburg e.V. and make these standards publicly available. The ‘certified continuing education institution’ seal is awarded to companies that undergo a test procedure and participate in regular on-site audits.

Quality of the Trainings 

The quality standards guarantee customer orientation, transparent and fair conditions as well as modern, adult-friendly learning formats for participants in professional training. In addition, we offer you a free participant protection service: any student experiencing problems or questions in their training is offered the opportunity to use the conflict counseling service of Weiterbildung Hamburg – in addition to the opportunity to address any issue directly in-house with ISS.

For more than 20 years, Weiterbildung Hamburg e.V. and this seal of approval have been standing for quality assurance and participant protection for professional training organizations in Hamburg. Find out more about the quality standards of Weiterbildung Hamburg e.V. here.