Training on Demand/Expert Coaching: Driving New Tasks with new Knowledge

The ISS ‘Training on Demand’ is costumed precisely to your needs with respect to content and time.

Are you taking on a new task, a department or a process that needs to be optimized? Best asap – as soon as possible. You are the right person for job, but you need more tools and knowledge – now? Then the ISS ‘Training on Demand’ or ‘expert coaching’ is the right choice. Benefit from this individual technical training to purposefully deliver a current concrete task at hand in your company.

The ISS ‘Training on Demand’ is costumed precisely to your needs with respect to content and time. It effectively and pragmatically connects new knowledge to your own work life, often a new task. You will develop your knowledge about strategies, concepts and methods for this new task, applying it whenever your company has a need.

Suitable Offers

For You at a Glance

From ‘One-on-One’ to Group Coaching

The ISS ‘Training on Demand’ is offered as expert coaching for one to three participants from one or several companies. However, this coaching can also be individually tailored to your company as a company-specific group training which is carried out as in-house training.

Bye Bye, Moralist Teacher!

Learning as Wilhelm Busch described it with his teacher Lämpel over 100 years ago is history. In particular, when knowledge is to be applied directly and immediately, modern, state-of-the-art formats to transfer knowledge are required with guidance by experienced experts in the various disciplines. They are your partner, coach and supervisor in one.

Choose the form that suits you, from face-to-face training to off-site webinars or a blended learning approach. This setting of the ISS International Business School of Service Management creates a reliable approach for you and makes sure you are able to apply the right tools for your new tasks.

Motivation Guaranteed

Practical learning in ‘One-to-One’ format or small groups bears significant benefits. Ideas, suggestions and experiences from real work situations are purposefully exchanged. In larger groups, the different occupational situations of the participants can be inspiring and broaden horizons. The main motivation driver in both cases is the completion of the individual work task. The dedicated expert coaches of the ISS are strong motivators.

The Procedure for Training on Demand/Expert Coaching

The following five steps are taken during each Training on Demand/Expert Coaching.

Step 1: Telephone Interview/Demand Inquiry

What is planned to be implemented after the seminar training/workshop? On the basis of the seminar description or additional checklists, we scan possible subject areas and determine the subject matters that need to be covered in order to accomplish the upcoming task. If there is no specific task to be solved, and an introduction to the topic area is planned, we will coordinate the ‘Training on Demand’ as far as possible with the industry and the task in general.


Step 2: Follow-up of the Call

a) The requirements derived from the telephone call are evaluated and structured by the ISS International School of Service Management, if necessary with requirements from other participants. The goals and the major topics to be covered will be adjusted to the outcome of the preliminary discussion.

b) We ask the participant for a compilation of documents as a basis for the expert coaching, in order to be as specific as possible and to familiarize ourselves with the tasks in the company to prepare for the course.


Step 3: Preparation of a Daily Routine and the Participant Documentation

We arrange the elaborated goals and topics into an agenda and develop the structure of the work tasks. Afterwards, we compile the participant documentation.


Step 4: Follow-up of the Training on Demand/Expert Coaching

a) The results of the ISS International School of Service Management are prepared as a photo report, possibly supplemented with additional information and forwarded to the participant. If you have any further questions after the course, we will continue to be available – if necessary, additional elaborations will be subjected to another cross-check.

b) On the part of the participant, the starting points developed in the specialist coaching are applied to practical daily work. Should any additional questions or issues arise, the ISS International School of Service Management will always be available for further support.


Step 5: Organization

Accompanying steps one to four, we will create the organizational conditions to implement and handle all administrative requirements.

Full Range: Realization from A to Z

If needed, we are also available for continued training on demand, e.g. to accompany a project within the company up to complete the implementation. We are happy to offer this as a consulting service or as webinars, blended learnings or as classroom trainings. The formats are arrangeable on the basis of an independent fee agreement.

Build on our 20 years of experience in skills development, qualification and assisting companies in organizational development as well as implementation of service strategies and concepts.

For questions we are at your disposal.