Practical Exercises – Important to Prepare Well or Better for Upcoming New or Known Tasks

Success rests on a professional approach.

In sports, possible moves are thought up, rehearsed on the blackboard and then practiced on the pitch. When the moves run perfectly smooth, the audience will be pleased to see the skillful teamwork or the outstanding individual performance – and every single player is happy, their effort is appreciated and they are gratified by the result. 

Success rests on a professional approach. Prepare for your tasks like a professional athlete as well: think about procedures and train several times. Then, in the game with the customer ‘score your points’!

Suitable Offers

For You at a Glance


of ISS Trainings and Workshops Can Be for Example:


  • Setup and development of international product and marketing management to increase the market effect as well as the efficiency and effectiveness in international cooperation
  • Sales strategy and management 
  • Application of business methods and procedures for non-business economists
  • Efficiently presenting marketing and sales concepts, convincing presentations
  • Procedures for market and customer segmentation
  • Key account management
  • Customer acquisition
  • Service development
  • Enhancing service competence in marketing and sales
  • ‘Understanding customers’, developing solution competence in the sales team

Benefit from professionals, trainers and coaches at ISS Hamburg with your team or for yourself – we are looking forward to seeing you.