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“I enjoy offering my help to the other players, the coach and management.”

Philipp Lahm, former professional footballer

A Fundamental Attitude for Players

Phillip Lahm was asked in this interview by the Süddeutsche Zeitung about his view on leadership style. The soccer player's answer is not limited to his role as captain of his teammates. Instinctively, he expands his understanding of his function to a more complex structure of teammates, coaches and leaders. Lahm sees himself as a player who offers solution options in interaction – in his words – ‘my help’.

By this, the soccer world champion describes an apparently very successful attitude which is also the core of a functioning service business: understanding needs and offering opportunities for optimization. For better products, processes and structures. This ‘inner service attitude’ applies to all players: CEO and service technician alike, to service management just as to marketing and all others. It is pivot that service orientation as a basic attitude is not only ‘learned’, but emerges from an inner conviction. Just the way Philipp Lahm instinctively understands that offering help to others is the core of his task.


For You at a Glance

What is Service about?

Service is when everyone is happy. Of course, but: customers’ expectations with regard to modern service nowadays, has radically changed.

Smart Services

In Industry 4.0, the digital and physical world are becoming increasingly interconnected. Data and service-based performance present service providers with new challenges.

Creating Value

Service creates a variety of intangible and material values – for the customer and the service provider alike.

Service Sales

Selling is selling. No way! Compared to products, selling services has its peculiarities.

Service Staff

Anyone who, as a service employee who represents their company and knows how to confidently handle distressful situations smoothly will strengthen customer loyalty in the long term.

Service Skills

Service is first of all an inner attitude. It is an attitude of fundamental interest in people, their desires and individual situations.

Constant Change, New Challenges

The internal service attitude as a success factor for companies is paradigmatic for all consultation and qualification offers of the International Business School of Service Management.

Why is this attitude today more important than ever before? Because global change has long since started to develop a product-oriented society to a service-oriented society.

Service as driver for economic growth plays an increasingly important role in all economic areas. This change and trend presents companies and their employees with new challenges. All the more so because the progressing digitization of our society and IoT demand ever new business models and skills.

Transformation Processes Become the Rule

As technology and customer expectations change or as new players emerge on the market, dramatic transformation processes become necessary. This regularly shows that professionally designed services are an essential factor for new business models. This requires a change in strategic alignment and respective organizational and personnel development. A guiding factor in this respect is: services are literally becoming increasingly ‘smarter’. Data and service-based performance gains importance and requires new skills and knowledge.

These transformation processes impact product management and, above all, service product management: New solutions and offers are required and they must evolve together. Equally, operations and sales need to be empowered to render and market new services.

New Values ​​Emerge

New customer groups emerge: if they are recognized early, the company can react proactively and stay one step ahead of others. This works especially well if service employees take the role of trend scouts and recommend future developments based on the knowledge they gain in close customer contact. New values ​​emerge on both sides. The customer uses value-added services; your company's sales and earnings grow.

As a pilot, the service controller helps to systematically enhance productivity and profitability in the new fields identifying and exploiting new opportunities.

In these diverse and complex transformation processes, ISS supports companies with consultation, corporate programs, seminars and certificate courses.