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In our open seminars, participants develop current knowledge and acquire skills.

The ISS ServiceAcademy of ISS International School of Service Management conducts open seminars. In our seminars, participants develop up-to-date knowledge and corresponding competencies for the topics listed below, taking developments such as digitization, globalization and IoT (Industry 4.0) into account.

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Performance Signed and Sealed

The knowledge and skills acquired in continuous education and training are not only important to document career paths internally. The participants receive a documented appreciation for their work ‑ and that, in turn, increases their motivation. These are available for the ISS certificate courses and the final exams, e.g. Real Life Projects (RLP). The certificate courses are also held in English and usually consist of one to four blocks and take three to five days of attendance plus an exam test. 

The seminars and certificate courses are continuously developed, and current scientific findings are incorporated into content and methodology. Content orientation, topicality and practical relevance of the seminar contents are accompanied by the advisory board of the ISS ServiceAcademy.

Seminar as Part of Blended Learning

More and more often, companies wish to develop their employees in trainings that keep employees away from their workplace for as little time as possible. In this case, the so-called ‘blended learning’ is ideal.

The ISS ServiceAcademy offers a corresponding platform with a mix of different learning formats: a combination of webinars, preparation material and classroom sessions are individually combined in accordance with the 70:20:10 model.

Which program to chose?

Which seminar will take the participant to the deliverable goals and meet the respective requirements of the employees at the workplace? Together with you, the ISS consultants at the ISS International Business School of Service Management analyze the training formats and contents that most effectively serve your goals.

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‘Training on Demand - Take Your Open Course Any Time’     

If you want to take on new tasks in your company or push projects forward NOW, our ‘Training on Demand’ is the right format for you. This ISS specialist coaching emphasizes ‘now’. This is about projects that should be tackled as soon as possible. With respect to content and timing, this training is precisely tailored to your needs. Very important: with this offer, newly developed knowledge will be directly translatable into your daily work.