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SBM_E - Service Business Manager 2024-05-27
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Course description

Knowing the entire keyboard of tools for optimal service management is one thing. Applying the tools effectively in daily routines of your company efficiently the other: Therefore, Real Life Projects (RLP), case studies and speakers with many years of experience in service companies are such an important part of the certificate course Certified Service Business manager.

The best prerequisites for management and junior executives in order to build up practical know-how in five programs for successful service management.

There is a “sporty” program ahead. After all, whoever controls or will control service processes must be fit in a wide range of topics, from service marketing to law and leadership. A program that pays off for the participants of the certification course and for their companies: with increased competence, efficiency and much more.


The course comprises four certificate trainings


and the final module Real Life Project. With four successfully completed competence trainings and the examination for the Real Life Project, the participant acquires their certificate as Certified Service Business Manager; the sequence of the trainings is not decisive.


Experiences of a participant:

“I particularly like the course's consistent focus on customer and market needs, which pervades all course modules and specialist topics. All speakers are very experienced and convey their tips, tricks and the typical pitfalls of daily service practice as well as the current state of science. For me, the course offered a perfectly balanced mix of theory and practice!

Despite the wide range of previous knowledge, none of the participants was over- or under-challenged, which was not only due to the smart choice of content. Also, and above all, the discussions with the other participants in the team-building group work, and relaxed conversations in the evenings were a great enrichment! Herewith another personal thank you and praise for the successful course!"

Daniel Däuber, Technical Product Specialist in the Service Support Department of Leica Biosystems Nussloch


Win-win situation: This is how employees and companies benefit from the course

This is how employees benefit:

Using the example of selected case studies and the simultaneous inclusion of your project work, the topics of

  • service marketing, sales and product management,
  • service operations and service controlling,
  • process management and project management in service,
  • legal issues and leadership in service,
  • partner management in service as well as
  • methods and tools for service manager für den Servicemanager and more

are worked out together and consolidated in the context of an intermediate examination, a service concept and three business projects as well as the real life project and incorporated into the own working practice.


In the first program you develop a service business concept for your area of ​​responsibility. In the following competence modules, you will create three Business Projects for one subject area each. Finally, develop your Real life Project with strategic input for service development.

The management knowledge required in the service practice is systematically and practically oriented and experienced "close to the heart" through implementation in the business projects and in the real life project.

About ten speakers with many years of corporate experience – predominantly active managers and experienced service consultants and trainers of the ISS International Business School of Service Management – develop the current expertise in a hands-on manner.

Through intensive professional and organizational support, the course is fine-tuned based on the profiles of the participants.

You experience an interesting and intensive exchange of experience with the trainers and course participants from other companies and industries – often, the network lasts long after the course.


This is how companies benefit:

Strong employees for more success: When employees develop their knowledge and know-how, the company profits too. A very concrete example of this will be provided by the real life project of your employee.

  • Strengthening the competence of employees in their specific functions and roles
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness in daily processes
  • Return on Investment: The accompanying Business Project and the Real life Project Project directly return added value to the company
  • The "rollout" after each module ensures a systematic transfer of learning over the entire duration of the course


Feedback from a company:

“Due to the high practical relevance, the learned methods could be applied purposefully by our employees in their daily work. This resulted in a quick return on training investment."

Norbert Gall-Felchner, Senior Manager Business Development, After Sales, Toyota Material Handling Europe

Objectives of the course

What executives need in service: know-how from marketing to leadership

If you want to be good with your service management tomorrow, you have to be able to react flexibly, be prepared for rising competition, be able to cope with international pressure and meet constantly growing customer demands. But which instruments in service meet these requirements? With which tools in service management can I expand my company's market position?


These are the objectives and topics of the course in detail:

  • special features of service marketing and service controlling (e.g. service strategy and concept, profit center, business management, success factors and key figures)
  • management tools in the service and how they are used and applied (e.g. presentation, project and process management)
  • how a complete project implementation can generate sustainable added value for service
  • demonstration of the entire spectrum of the service organization (from field service via the design of the hotline to workshop management, spare parts logistics and partner management)
  • what makes a successful leader in service; what you need to know (e.g. legal basis for the service manager, staff management, management techniques)
  • after the first program (Service Management Compact), the participants develop a service business concept from coordination to rollout
  • 3 Business Projects are developed in the specialist competences, to apply the newly acquired know-how directly in the company's context


Participants will ...

... prepare and present a final project (Real Life Project) as part of the final exam, as well as complete an examination interview.

Course Contents

The hardest test is the practice

These five programs are tough. They also have to, so that you are competent in everything from organization to operations in terms of service management. After all, service is your business after all. How well you master this after this course, you prove tangible in the creation of a service concept, three Business Projects and especially in the Real Life Project. Black on white you have your performance with the ISS certificate.


The five programs of the course:

1 Service Management Compact (SMC)

Raising customer satisfaction and operational efficiency by professional service.

  • Management of changes in the service market
  • Use of the "Service Business Model CANVAS" and the 9Ps as a structural model
  • Management of internal and external customers
  • Service controlling as revenue and cost management in service
  • Service controlling and process optimization as a success factor
  • Implement business excellence in service
  • Service concept, Business Project
  • 5 days of classroom training plus webinars, blended learning format


2 Service specialist competency: Business Development (BD)

Strategic design of service products, future-oriented steering and marketing.

  • Service product management, service portfolio management
  • Service sales
  • Service marketing and service promotion
  • Business Project
  • 3 days of classroom training plus webinars, blended learning format


3 Service specialist competency: Operational Excellence (OEX)

Quality methods and indexes for continuous improvement and optimal internal collaboration.

  • Service organization and service processes
  • Customer journey
  • Quality management in Service
  • Business Project
  • 3 days of classroom training plus webinars, blended learning format


4 Service specialist competency: Service in Transition (SIT)

Understanding and applying mechanisms of change, transformation, co-creation with customers and partners.

  • Contract management
  • Partner management
  • Change management and leadership
  • Business Project
  • 3 days of classroom training plus webinars, blended learning format


Real Life Project (RLP)

Professional implementation of the fruits of the Certified Service Business Manager in an accompanying practical projekt.

  • Practice project accompanied by the ISS


Certification as "Certified Service Business Manager (ISS)" after successful completion of all 5 program parts of the course.

The individual parts of the program are each completed courses on the topics/specialist competencies and can therefore be taken and completed independently of each other.


Frontal lessons were yesterday! Case studies, project work and Co. are today!

Now we are off with service!

This certificate course provides you with the best: our trainers are old hands and clever foxes in the service business; our mix of methods stimulates activity and exchange; in business projects and in the Real Life Project, we accompany your personal work experience.

PS: And we provide you with a network of exciting course participants.


Valuable knowledge is best suited to becoming active yourself - whether in a group or by yourself. We will work with these methods:

  • Keynote speeches and dialogue-oriented lectures
  • Plenary discussion and active exchange of experience
  • Individual work and group work
  • Accompanying the elaborations after the attendance phases
  • Case studies and role-playing


Who benefits most from the certificate course:

  • Company leaders and junior executives in service who organize and manage a service company or service area.
  • Leaders and junior executives who have a commercial and/or business management training and want to apply their knowledge to the concrete context of a service organization.


Link to the magazine report „Success can be planned“

Our Services

Personal payback, return on investment – you can expect that and more!

Upon completion of this course, you have the best prerequisites to continue to provide top service management services in the future.


Our service package at a glance:

  • Participation in webinars
  • Participation in classroom courses (three days of attendance) and networking
  • Course documents
  • Accompanying the participants right from the start in the implementation of the service concept, the business projects and the real life project
  • Drinks and lunch
  • Written intermediate examination as well as examination and evaluation of the service concept (SMK)
  • Accompanying 3 Business Projects to the service expertises
  • Certificate "Certified Service Business Manager (ISS)"
  • Direct implementation of the theoretical learnings into practice – personal payback, customer added value and a direct return on investment for the company by the Business Projects and Real Life Project
  • Direct return on investment (ROI) for the company


Please contact us for a selection of hotels for your accommodation.


REAL-LIFE-PROJECT: Start your strengthened position in the company with the rollout of the Real Life Project!

The Real Life Project (RLP) is the final project work for the Certified Service Business Manager (ISS). A project directly from the work environment of the participant is already discussed with the trainers during the preceding programs, selected and graded by a commission after an 8-week written elaboration and finally presented before the commission. The participants are actively supported by the expert trainers during the preparation of the RLP.

The project work can be chosen in consultation with the company to generate a maximum return on investment (ROI). An RLP shows a payback within a year and a corresponding ROI.

Through the systematic implementation of the acquired service management knowledge in the practical project RLP the learning success is supported, the investment of the company into the further education is more than sufficient.

Your Investment

Engagement, exams, fees: what you invest in the course.

What you invest with your participation in the course Certified Service Business Manager? Well, besides your investments of time and money on the five programs, midterm exam, business projects, the real life project of your company, and more it's up to you. After all, what could be more important than your own commitment?


Your investment in detail:

  • 5 attendance days in the 1st course program (Certified Service Management Compact) as well as the service concept,
  • webinars and 3 attendance days as well as the preparation of the Business Projects per program (2 - 4), and the Real Life Project (RLP),
  • as well as preparatory and follow-up activities and personal elaboration during the course period.


Each service specialist competency program part of the course (1 – 4) € 3,680.00 plus VAT

Each exam program 2 – 4 € 1,200.00 plus VAT

Real Life Project/final exam € 2,800.00 plus VAT


On booking the entire course, the total price of €22,320.00 plus will be reduced VAT to €19,600.00 plus VAT, including all exams and accompanying project work.

All examinations also include the supervision of the examination work by a lecturer/trainer of the ISS.

The project work, a Real Life Project from your company, secures the payback for your company's investment in further education.


ISS Business Networking Package

The Business Networking Package is optional and includes the individual support of the participant throughout the entire duration of the course. Evening events with course participants and accommodation in the same hotel promote networking between the participants and increases their motivation. This package was developed for holistic learning and has proven to be a valuable addition to the course.
The price is subject to fluctuations due to the event and hotel selection and is communicated individually.


The Certified Service Business Manager certification, approved by the ISS ServiceAcademy, proves that graduates have the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the professional leadership and development needs of a service organization or parts of a service organization.

The courses have been certified since 1992, since 2009 by the ISS ServiceAcademy. The high quality and topicality of the certificate courses is ensured by the advisory board of the ISS ServiceAcademy.

Experiences of our participants

“The intention came from both sides. I was looking for a training with perspective. In addition, two of our employees have already completed the course in the German and English versions. So, my supervisor asked me to attend.”
Magnus Göransson, Branch Manager, Cargotec Sweden AG, Sweden


"It was the decision of my general manager. My colleague completed the same course in 2004. He informed me about the content and benefits that he still profits from today."
Alexey Stashov, Service Manager of Liftec, Russland


“It was really a good opportunity for me to move forward to next step to think about strategic thinking in where I’m working on E+H company. Now I have more confidence when I do something in my organization even sales and marketing team. Lot of idea just pop up to drive service business. You did a wonderful job for me and it’s unforgettable memories in my life. I highly appreciated your professional support past 15 months. Again Thanks a lot!!!”
TaeYun Kim, Service Manager Endress+Hauser, Südkorea


“Dear Michael, The emotions are gone and finally we can enjoy the success with our family and our friends. The first relaxed weekend in the past 3 months without  studding and working on the project. I 'm very honoured to thank you very much for the greatest job that you have done with this training, and special thanks for your support given to me. I would like to send my special thanks also to your extraordinary team, trainers,  for their very professionally courses, very well presented and very well linked to our daily business and reality. It's my pleasure to say that I'm very proud that I had the chance to attend to this training program which it's from far away the best one from the past 20 years from my life.”
Adrian Leonte, Rumänien

Topic Overview Real Life Projects

In the more than 500 projects presented and discussed by the participants in the more than 40 open and numerous in-house courses, the direct economic benefits of the learning content were always made clear. The payback regularly amounts to a multiple of the investment.


I. New Business Development

  • New business areas through customer-oriented differentiation of the service offering (19, 105, 106, 328)
  • Concept for the strategic realignment of the service center (29, 86, 87)
  • Business plan for building a profitable service organization (326)
  • Concept for building up a service branch in Southeast Asia (50)
  • Concept for a business development. From classic product service to value-added service provider (61)
  • Start-up of a manufacturer-independent service company in the capital goods sector (100)
  • Development of an on-site service at the customer (288)
  • Setting an international service (134)
  • Internet platform for private customers (268)


Service Development

  • Concept for the new development of a customer-oriented service contract offer (51, 191)
  • Strengthening customer loyalty by expanding the service portfolio (77, 90, 180)
  • Extension of the service spectrum with new digital device generations (99)
  • Marketing concept for a customer service (128, 200)
  • Development of modular services (145)
  • Pre-sales service contracts (137)
  • Retrofit – Service concept for used machinery (331)


Marketing and Sale of Services

  • Marketing of maintenance contracts in an income-oriented manner (7)
  • Actively marketing services (71)
  • Nationwide introduction of an area-wide service (101)
  • Market introduction of Europe-wide travel packages (124)
  • Introduction of a bonus system to increase efficiency ( 215)
  • Provisioning of service agreements between customer satisfaction, employee motivation and profitability (116)
  • Sales increase with services through new sales strategies (172)


Optimization of service processes

  • Faster, better and more economical workshop repair (2)
  • Greater customer satisfaction by reducing throughput times and costs (28)
  • Increased efficiency through the use of technical aids (from handheld to laptop and remote maintenance up to Digi Pens,  ….) (5, 18, 330)
  • Reduction of the recall rate (increase in FTF Rate/First Time Fix) (25, 279)
  • Second-level support to improve service quality (104)
  • Increased productivity through targeted fault analysis (37)
  • Reduction of travel times by decentralizing the Dispatch (56)
  • Higher customer satisfaction and better utilization through the introduction of a central "call center" (62)
  • Increase in service quality (74)


Spare parts management

  • Optimization of spare parts management by changing logistics processes (82, 189)
  • Reduction of storage costs while increasing delivery capacity (251)
  • Greater customer satisfaction through optimization of spare parts supply (84)
  • Centralization of the operation control and spare parts supply (183)
  • Overnight delivery (234)


Increase customer satisfaction and customer acquisition

  • Concept for customer acquisition and improvement of customer loyalty (16)
  • Concept for improving customer loyalty and recovery (35)
  • Introduction of a complaint management system (219)
  • Customer loyalty program (222)
  • Customer satisfaction survey Managed Services (274)


Establishing controlling systems

  • Set-up of a controlling instrument (34)
  • Central controlling and management of target achievement in service (70)
  • Concept of a differentiated controlling system for targeted optimization in full service (91)
  • Controlling system to mointor the profitability of the "profit center" service (98)
  • Implement a profit center calculation for better management decisions (107)


Employee-related projects – teamwork, and more

  • Better performance and quality through team responsibility (17)
  • Higher service productivity through adaptation of the workforce (47)
  • Transition to virtual jobs
  • Worldwide training concept for service technicians (263)
  • Argumentation paper external (partner) versus internal employee (286)


Partner management

  • Increase customer satisfaction through better cooperation with service partners (11)
  • Cost reduction and higher deployment flexibility through outsourcing of services (20)
  • Outsourcing the repair workshop to a third party (147)
  • Increase of the technician qualification at the speciality retailer (78)
  • Establishment of a service provider in other European countries (144)
  • Service walk-in concept in the specialized trade (193)


Combined topics

  • Higher customer satisfaction through increased productivity of the field service (13)
  • Value added analysis as a reporting tool for service managers (164)
  • Concept of a project organization in service (75)

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