SBC - Service Business Competence

Customer-oriented service presentation and professional communication with customers.

Course description

In this comprehensive course you build an understanding of marketing and controlling and become aware of your personal importance for the success of the service business.

You will learn about the requirements for customer-oriented thinking and acting and train how to apply them; positively influence conversations with customers, resolve conflict situations and thus actively build and form long-term customer relationships.


After the course, you will be aware of

  • the contribution a service employee can make to increase the company's results in service and support.
  • customer expectations and requirements for service staff in service and support.
  • how products/services are presented in a professional and customer-oriented way.
  • how to identify and utilize customer potential.
  • how to conceive and manage conflicts as opportunities.
  • how to organize work as a service employee in flexible/mobile workplaces.
  • how you act economically in full-service contracts and repair orders.


Win-win situation: This is how employees and companies benefit from the course.

You will learn how

  • marketing, sales and service interact,
  • controlling becomes a permanent companion,
  • service orientation creates value and is a competitive advantage to utilize,
  • an active customer relationship is built as a basis for long-term partnerships,
  • to prepare and professionally conduct customer conversations in a goal-oriented manner,
  • to detect and systematically develop personal core competences,
  • to handle distressing situations and transform them into a “think positive spiral”.

After submitting the knowledge transfer tasks and examination by the ISS, you will receive a certificate from the ISS ServiceAcademy certifying the successful completion of the course Certified Service Business Competence.


This is how companies benefit:

  • Strengthening the competence of the service employee to increase the company's results in service and support.
  • Due to the practical applications, there is a systematic transfer of learnings throughout the entire duration of the course.
  • The course contents are immediately applicable after the training in the participant's workplace.
  • Certified employees are a competitive advantage!

Course Contents

Service is your business: With the content of this course you master it masterfully.

The aim is to convince the participants to find solutions together with the customers, to recognize, analyze, present, forward and deliver customer requests.

  • Customer responsibility and service focus for economic success: using future perspectives
  • With service from customer satisfaction to customer loyalty: Successful customer communication
  • Service excellence as a business driver: Recognize and use customer potential
  • Active complaint management as a service and innovation driver: New services for customers
  • Service culture, recognizing and defining service projects: Make business success sustainable


Basics of customer relations

  • Service today – trends for tomorrow
  • Importance of customer competence for the service employee in service and support
  • From customer request to service product
  • Quality in the customer relationship


Recognize and use customer potential

  • Core elements of customer-oriented communication
  • The customer benefit argumentation
  • Professional and customer-oriented product and service presentation


Business administration basics for service employees

  • Costs and pricing for services, hourly rates and spare parts (basis for efficient benefit argumentation)
  • Installation of spare parts and their economic effect – how extensively should be exchanged to make sense, be customer-oriented, economic and consequently, correct?
  • Influencing factors on the operating result – the possibilities of the service employee in field service and support
  • Success monitoring in service
  • Organizational forms in service
  • Service – a customer-oriented value added system


Conducting customer discussions successfully

  • The mindset and its impact on goals and outcomes
  • The appearance of the service employee on-site at the customer's
  • Professional telephone consultation
  • Situation analysis, goal setting and planning
  • Conversational techniques for constructive cooperation with the customer
  • Building trust – rules for a successful customer relationship


Active complaint management – managing conflicts

  • Understand and manage conflicts
  • Complaints as opportunities
  • Preparation and follow-up of complaints
  • Solution strategies and customer-oriented discussion
  • Argumentation in selected conflict fields of service and support:
    • the second visit
    • the sales promise
    • the behavior of colleagues
    • the missing spare part
    • the time delay
    • the price of the service
  • Case Studies

Self-management for service employees – solution strategies

  • Handling time, active time management
  • Motivation and self-motivation
  • My contribution to effective team meetings
  • The professional approach to solve problems
  • Stress management, more joy at work
  • Case studies



Robert Hart describes the practical application of the methods and tools used in the course as follows:

„The use if a defined structure, from what I learnt on the ISS course has enable me to plan fully the presentation, ensuring all relevant data is presented and also giving time to hear the feedback of the client. The client has a structures service support on regular intervals, with a database where they can find information quickly and easily without the waiting for others to relay the information to them.”


Frontal lessons were yesterday! Case studies, project work and Co. are today!

  • Keynote speeches and dialogue-oriented lectures
  • Active exchange of experience
  • Individual work and group work
  • Case studies, role-playing and trainings
  • Accompanying the business project from personal work practice
  • Video-assisted analysis and feedback as needed


Who is the course for?

Field service and support group and team leaders who want to be professional and active in their responsibility to their customers and contribute to the company result.

Speakers and Trainers

The speakers and coaches at the ISS International Business School of Service Management are active managers, entrepreneurs and consultants with many years of service experience.

Our Services

Personal payback, return on investment – you can expect that and more!

  • Participation in webinars
  • Participation in classroom courses (three days of attendance) and networking
  • Course documents
  • Drinks and lunch
  • Accompanying the participants and mentors/champions from the company over 4 weeks after the classroom training
  • Evaluation of the business project and presentation in web conference
  • Certificate graduation


Please contact us for a selection of hotels for your accommodation.

Your Investment

Engagement, exams, fees: what you invest in the course.

Your time to participate the five days of presence as well as the five accompanied practical transfer tasks.


5 days of intensive classroom training € 3,200.00 plus VAT

5 accompanied practical transfer tasks € 500.00 plus VAT


Business Networking Package

The Business Networking Package is optional and includes the individual support of the participant throughout the entire duration of the course. Evening events with course participants and accommodation in the same hotel promote networking between the participants and increases their motivation. This package was developed for holistic learning and has proven to be a valuable addition to the course.

The price is subject to fluctuations due to the event and hotel selection and is communicated individually.


This course aims to promote the non-technical qualification of service technicians – business administration and communications.
With the Certified Service Business Competence certificate, graduates demonstrate that they have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to optimally and profitably align existing resources with the needs and references of customers and the marketplace.
The courses have been certified since 1992, since 2009 by the ISS ServiceAcademy. The high quality and topicality of the certificate courses is ensured by the advisory board of the ISS ServiceAcademy.

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