Real Life Project

The systematic implementation of the acquired service management knowledge into the practical project RLP supports the learning success - because only applied knowledge generates a benefit.

Course description

The Real Life Project (RLP) is the final project work for the Certified Service Business Manager. A project directly from the work environment of the participant is already discussed with the trainers during the preceding programs, selected and graded by a commission after an 8-week written elaboration and finally presented before the commission. The participants are actively supported by the expert trainers during the preparation of the RLP.

The course for professional and future-oriented service management provides the necessary theoretical background knowledge and focuses on the daily, practical application. It shows proven examples, promotes the exchange of experience and ensures the direct applicability of the learned methods and procedures in personal work practice.

The added value lies in the forward-looking orientation of the individual competence programs, the coordinated and complementary subject areas which are worked out together with experienced lecturers, trainers and managers, and the accompanying project work (Real Life Project) of the participant.

In four upstream programs, you have already transformed service management know-how in practice with the creation of the Service Concept (Certified Service Management Compact) and the three thematic Business Projects (Certified Business Development, Certified Operational Excellence, Certified Service in Transition) into your own practice. With the Real Life Project, you apply your holistic service management knowledge with a specified return on investment.

It is our experience that these cooperative activities increase the value of the program to all involved


The special thing about the course is ...

  1. the direct transfer of learning into professional practice. Here is the benefit of the course – because only applied knowledge will benefit.
  2. use/development of methods and solutions for complex topics of the service business and
  3. the design of the services to the customer requirements.


During the course, the learning content will be applied directly to case studies from the daily practice of the participants. This begins the application, the training of new methods and procedures already in the course itself. In addition, the exchange of experience at eye level brings real added value.

Further education is an investment. Participants and companies rightly expect a “payback” for the time and financial investment. The goal is to generate a benefit/value increase for the participant, the sending company and its customers. Which initial investment does the project need? What are the biggest cost drivers? What additional revenues, gains or savings are possible?


It hast o pay off: Payback and RoI. Count on us.

In the more than 500 projects presented and discussed by the participants in the more than 40 open and numerous in-house courses, the direct economic benefits of the learning content were always made clear. The payback regularly amounts to a multiple of the investment.


When selecting and evaluating project work, we at the ISS pay attention to the following topics:

  • Project title
  • Background of the project? (economic, organizational, market position)
  • Objective (What should be achieved with the project – for your company or your customers?)
  • Description of the project (What is covered in the project?)
  • Benefits for your business (financial and non-financial benefits)
  • Benefits for your customers (financial and non-financial)
  • Investment requirement (one-time, start-up/permanent costs)
  • Payback period and RoI calculation


The development of the project work is actively supported by ISS trainers. Structural requirements make it easier to comply with the formal requirements so that the participant can concentrate on the content. At the same time, this creates a basis for future work in the company.

Through the systematic implementation of the acquired service management knowledge in the practical project RLP the learning success is supported, the investment of the company into the further education is more than sufficiently paid off.

The success is plannable! Immediately after the presentation of the RLP and the associated feedback, the project can be started in the company.

Course Contents


Project work requires time, for the development of ideas and conception as well as for research, analysis and solution development. Finally, the economic success will be presented and the benefits for the company and its customers will be visible.

The proposals for projects can be derived both from the subjects of the course as well as from tasks in the company. At the beginning of the RLP program, two project topics will be submitted which were prepared in advance in the company and with the ISS as possible topics – one of the topics will be selected and dealt with in the project work.

The workload for the project work amounts to approximately 8 – 10 days in a period of 8 weeks. Partially, this time is spent at the company, e.g. for research and coordination work, sometimes on evenings and weekends for the solution development and the payback concept for representing the RoI (return on investment).

Employees who choose this course know that they will incur additional workload during the period of participation in the course.


Who is the course for?

As a manager or aspiring manager in service with a technical background, you will receive a comprehensive and compact, service-specific management training. Even as an experienced customer service manager, you benefit from the unique, recognized degree.

Speakers and Trainers

The speakers and coaches at the ISS International Business School of Service Management are active managers, entrepreneurs and consultants with many years of service experience.


Duration: 8 weeks

Start/End: The accompaniment of the Real Life Project is individually coordinated with the participant and the sending company.

Your Investment

Your time for

  • 4 successfully completed programs
    (Certified Service Management Compact, Certified Business Development, Certified Operational Excellence, Certified Service in Transition)
  • 8 weeks for the development of the Real Life Project


Real Life Project      € 2,800.00 plus VAT


This course has been certified since 1992, since 2009 by the ISS ServiceAcademy. The high quality and topicality of the certificate courses is ensured by the advisory board of the ISS ServiceAcademy.

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