The guide „Servitization – Rolle des Controllings im Transformationsprozess zum Service-Champion" of the Internationaler Controller Vereins (ICV) supports controllers and risk managers with transforming business models and adapting controlling tools. The practical part provides exciting in-depth insights and learnings gained from the servitization process of four customers of the ISS International Business School of Service Management.

Growth with services - classic, smart / digital or data-driven – is on TOP of the agenda of almost every company - right now it is important to drive corporate development.

Certified Service Manager English

“The most important thing is to keep your brain working”, so Alexey Starshov (Russia), Service Manager of Liftec. He is one of the participants of the training course “Certified Service Manager English”. Together with international service professionals from e.g. Sweden, Korea, Denmark, Turkey, Spain and Switzerland they are trained by more then 10 trainers in Hamburg.

Deutsch-chinesische Freundschaft: Daniel Däuber auf dem Weg nach Shanghai

Certified Service Management Compact English 

Eight managers from two market–leading companies attended the 1-week certified training program ‛Service Management Compact’ in Hamburg. The participants from medical diagnostic specialist DiaSorin and Rational, a manufacturer of high-tech cooking centers, came from the US, Italy, Belgium and Germany.