Legal Issues in Service

Basic legal knowledge for service managers.

Seminar Description

Flexibility, improvisation and decision-making make your service valuable to your customers. But what if not everything goes according to plan and the customer complains about the execution of your work and/or the bill? How to respond to the respective legal issues in this case? What can be done in advance to be protected against unpleasant surprises? What needs to be observed in service contracts and liability for defects, e.g. for wear parts and spare parts? With the learnings from this two-day seminar, you are in an optimal position right from the start.

Get up to date on legal issues of the service business. IThe focus is on topics such as conclusion and content of service contracts, Liability for defects and selected questions of labor law. But knowledge is only one thing, another is security in the implementation: You train with concrete case studies, plenary discussions and dialogue-oriented doctrinal discussions.

Your Benefit

So that you and your company are on the safe side!


This is how employees benefit

The participants elaborate the legal questions that are game changers for the service business in a practice-oriented manner, thus acquiring certainty in the contractual arrangement of the customer relationship and the conflicts that arise.

In addition, the participants attain new insights in relevant topics in service by the active sharing of experience with the speaker and the participants, such as conclusion of contracts in service, liability and compensation of complaints, peculiarities in employment law for employees in the service etc.


This is how companies benefit

The better your employees are in legal matters, the better your company is in terms of law.


Careful, the devil is in the detail! Contracts, warranty, damages and Co.

During this two-day seminar, attendees will acquire an overview of key legal issues in the service business and attain confidence in dealing with the service-specific legal challenges. Here, e.g. the following topics will be worked on practically:


  • Conclusion and content of service contracts
    • Individual and general service contracts with customers
    • Contracts with contracted service companies


  • Liability for defects (keywords: warranty and guarantee)
    • Liability for defects (keywords: warranty and guarantee)
    • Fulfillment of the warranty and guarantee obligations by the service


  • Liability for damagers
    • Liability risks from services
    • Personal liability of the service manager
    • Product liability, especially product recalls


  • International contracts
    • Applicable law for cross-border activities
    • Jurisdiction and arbitration agreements


  • Selected questions of labor law, e.g.
    • Worktime regulations
    • Temporary employment


Knowledge creates (legal) certainty.

The participants ...

  • get an overview of the relevant legal issues in service,
  • learn the current legal situation and how behavior and demands of customers and suppliers change in the light of new laws,
  • achieve more security in contract negotiations and conflict situations by discussions and the working of relevant case examples from the service business,
  • receive relevant tips for complaint processing and consequently more security in dealing with complaints,
  • get a detailed overview of the service-relevant questions of the current liability legislation (warranty, liability for defects, guarantee).


The right impulses: These methods expand your controlling know-how

  • Keynote speeches and dialogue-oriented lectures
  • Plenary discussion and active exchange of experience
  • Discussion of relevant problems using concrete case studies

Target group

Who is the seminar for?

Managing directors, owners, executives and responsible technical service staff who want greater legal certainty in their dealings with customers.



It is assumed that the participants have experience in technical service. Legal knowledge is not required.

Speakers and Trainers

The speakers and coaches at the ISS International Business School of Service Management are active managers, entrepreneurs and consultants with many years of service experience.


Duration: 2 days (classroom training)

Start/End: 09:00 am to 05:30 pm each


We will inform you about the location of the event in due time.

Our Services

What you can expect from us:

  • Seminar participation & networking
  • Seminar documents
  • Small groups
  • Drinks and lunch
  • Certificate of attendance


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Your Investment

Seminar € 1,860.00 plus VAT


ISS Business Networking Package

The Business Networking Package is optional and includes the individual support of the participant throughout the entire duration of the course. Evening events with course participants and accommodation in the same hotel promote networking between the participants and increases their motivation. This package was developed for holistic learning and has proven to be a valuable addition to the course.
The price is subject to fluctuations due to the event and hotel selection and is communicated individually.

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