ISS TrendWorkshop Service 2019

Down to Earth with Smart Services

  • How to transform
  • How to hire

  • How to monetize

International business with services


Shape your business -
to be ready for the future

2019: June 5th in Hamburg

Let’s embrace and monetize our digital business opportunities instead of creating the next technical solution. Tech-wise it will be possible for everything what the customer needs and is willing to pay for.

Let‘s focus on the business of Smart Services. Crosscheck your ideas and processes to go for digital services. Join at the ISS TWS 2019 in Hamburg – A Powerday with the ISS in June - and learn how to
-    transform
-    hire
-    perform
-    monetize
-    implement
and in order to have success with Smart Services!

Welcome on June 5th at your TWS, ISS TrendWorkshop Service, in Hamburg!

Take a closer look at the program here and registrate now, the number of participants is limited!

Develop data-driven Services - Monetize  // Data Analytics and Value Networks

Björn Häckel is Professor of Digital Value Networks at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg.
Björn also serves as Deputy Academic Director of the Research Center Finance & Information Management (FIM) and works in a leading position with the Project Group Business & Information Systems Engineering of the Fraunhofer FIT. Björn’s activities in research, teaching, and industry center around the fields of opportunity and risk management in the Industry 4.0 context and in digital value networks, as well as the economic evaluation of technologies.

How to transform your organization with services to meet future needs - internationally

Franck Perrin strongly believes that the Service Transformation is on its way in the Industrial Equipment Industries (IE), in particular in the Process Automation sector. The technology itself is less and less the differentiator. The future growth potential for the IE companies will be in their capability to truly deliver outcomes to their customers. The technology is becoming a Service, which requires new business models, processes and management skills. With this drive I have been acting as a passionate activist for the last 20 years, in a very product-oriented environment, to set up the adequate Service vision, mindset and competences required to properly manage the Service transformation shift.


New ways to hire the right people // Be successful in the New Age

We're JobMatchMe and we redefine the recruitment market for non-academic professionals by helping people to get the job they love.
With our proof of concept we created the world‘s largest job-Matching Platform for truck drivers. Did you know that about 80% of all people are unhappy with their current job? Malte Lindberg: Now there is a way out. Now we want to enable millions of people from other professions to make a move and get better jobs and create a unicorn.


9.00 am         Welcome Coffee and Tea

9.30 am         Intro to the day‘s journey, Michael René Weber, ISS Business School
I. How to design a successful digital service business  

9.45 am         Need for Smart Business Models: How to develop?  Björn Häckel, Professor of Digital Value Networks, University of Applied Sciences Augsburg

10.30 am        „Recruitment - get whom you need“, Malte Lindberg, Managing Director, CSO, JobMatchMe GmbH  

11.15 am         Coffee /Tea Break and discussions…

II. How to Setup an international Service Business  

11.45 am         Key drivers for an international Service Organisation, Franck Perrin, Director Service Excellence, Endress + Hauser Group

12.30 am         ISS Corporate Benchmark for Services, Progress Report, Frank Bunge,  Michel René Weber, ISS Business School
1.00 pm             Lunch

III. How to create business success with services  

2.00pm             From Data to Value: Monetization of Data-based Business Models, Björn Häckel, Professor of Digital Value Networks, University of Applied Sciences Augsburg

2.45 pm             Up or Out - rules for the digital age, Malte Lindberg,  Managing Director, CSO, JobMatchMe GmbH  

3.30 pm             Coffee/Tea Break and discussions …

4.00 pm             Rapid Solution Development, Workshop: Agile behaviour and methods. The participants develop solutions for their identified problems/ challenges in a structured way
            Results: Recommendations from the participants to start or go on with the NEW AGE journey /  Rapid - Group presentations
            Cornelius Schlieper, Michael René Weber,  ISS Business School
5.20 pm            Closing … Thanks … What now?, Michel René Weber, ISS Business School

5.30 pm            End of the conference part

7.00 pm         Experience sharing dinner - networking and appointments for individual benchmarks and more