ISS ServiceAcademy: Creating a Secure Future for Companies and Employees

“Those who do not know the past cannot understand the present. If you do not understand the present, you cannot shape the future.”

August Bebel, politician and writer

As part of its ISS ServiceAcademy, ISS International School of Service Management conducts open seminars, study courses and trainings. These are designed for employees in companies that have recognized service as an engine for growth. The objective of the ISS education and training offers is to strengthen employees with new knowledge and skills and thus create competitive advantages and added value for their companies.

Only when service organizations and their employees adapt to the ever-changing requirements in service, they will remain successful and future-proof

In particular, globalization and digitization of the service business ‑ with new customer expectations, services, processes and partners – necessitates a profound transformation process. These changes represent a paradigm shift that affects almost every company and its employees. This is referred to as servitization and is a continuous development from product to services as a basic requirement for long-term business success. With the services offered by ISS ServiceAcademy, employees not only develop the necessary know-how; they also develop an ‘inner service attitude’, which means acting out of a service mind-set.

Advisory Board

The programs of the ISS ServiceAcademy are monitored by a voluntary advisory board. It guarantees continuous development and quality assurance of all educational courses of the ISS ServiceAcademy according to its statutes.

The advisory board also supports the programmatic orientation of ISS towards business excellence and sustainable corporate development with profitable growth.

Certificate Courses

In particular, the certificate courses are continuously reviewed and adjusted to practical relevance and kept up-to-date in collaboration with the advisory board, so that the courses are internationally trendsetting.

The work transfer tasks, final exams and exam papers that usually complete the certification courses ensure that the investment companies make in their employees returns many times.

Suitable Offers

For You at a Glance

From ‘One on One’ to Group Coaching

Other services offered by ISS ServiceAcademy include ‘Training on Demand': an individualized technical training to purposefully implement any current concrete task in your company. It is offered as a specialized coaching for one to three participants from one or more companies.

However, this coaching can also be individually tailored to your company as a company-specific group training which is carried out as in-house training.

‘All in One': Seminar and Job Project

Update your knowledge as an employee to the latest professional state-of-the-art developments in your professional field and at the same time develop your own job project: that is what our ‘All in One’ trainings offer you. The concept allows you to benefit from the perfect combination of theoretical background, hands-on knowledge and project work. Check the ‘All in One’ icon marking seminars offered by the ISS ServiceAcademy: All seminars marked with this icon are also available as ‘all-in-one’ courses.

Tailored Training and Professional Development Programs

Individually developed trainings for experts and executives, especially customized to match corporate strategies, internal structures, markets and customers, are part of the core competence of the ISS Business School.

Over 60 percent of the courses are international. In the framework of respective corporate programs or in-house trainings, our open seminars and courses can be individually customized. We also offer to develop completely new concepts to match your requirements. The coordination of content is preceded by a consultation carried out by the ISS International Business School of Service Management.

Blended Learning

Today, webinars, online workshops, digitally and individually accessible learning offers, project work and classroom seminars are all part of a modern orchestra of further education. This is especially true when it comes to ‘distance learning’. In its blended learning offerings and webinars, the ISS ServiceAcademy practices an outstanding, internationally widespread formula for success in continuing education: the ‘70-20-10’ model. With a mix of different learning formats, new knowledge and skills are developed in the context of the participant's individual working practice.

Trainers: Experts and Personalities

The trainers of ISS ServiceAcademy are mostly active in the service business and contribute a wide range of practical experience to the further education programs and trainings. The ISS ServiceAcademy taps into a large network of executives, scientists, professional trainers and consultants which has grown over two decades to select its trainers and guest speakers.

We are very grateful for their tremendous commitment to the ISS ServiceAcademy.

The development of the service certificate courses and seminars has been accompanied by the ISS ServiceAcademy advisory board since 1993. Initially in the context of the MarketingAkademie Hamburg and in cooperation with the KVD, the German Service Association, and since 2009 within the ISS International Business School of Service Management.

Find more information here about all offers of the ServiceAcademy, the formats and the topics. If you are looking for support in consultation for your company, you will find offers from the ISS International Business School of Service Management on this website. Please refer to the ‘Consultation’ page. Or just give us a call.


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