Certified Project Manager Service

Special requirements for service projects. In this course, you will work out how they will be successfully completed.

Course description

In this course, the participants will develop management tools to plan and implement service projects successfully.

Topics such as the special requirements for service projects, fundamentals of project management, customer acquisition and resource and cost planning as well as effective communication in projects will be covered during the five-day course.

In a service project, participants apply the newly acquired skills to their own service project management practice.


The participants learn in this course,

  • how to make their service fit for the growing solutions business and what role service projects play,
  • why service projects have very different requirements than, for example, projects in other areas of the company,
  • how they combine high customer orientation with organizational and economic efficiency,
  • which internal and external interfaces should be planned and carefully defined,
  • which project management tools are helpful for service projects and which you should better avoid,
  • what constitutes effective communication in projects and how to foster it and how to make service even more successful with projects.


The participants ...

... will develop the project framework of their own project for their company during the course week. As part of the final exam, the participants develop a Real Life Project in their field of service and present it to the examination board.

As part of this comprehensive course (5 days plus 4-week accompanied project work and final exam) the participants develop an understanding for planning and execution as well as for successful communication in service projects.

The comprehensive final exam, consisting of a written exam, a thesis and its presentation, consolidates the newly acquired knowledge and creates the basis for the numerous requirements for professional cooperation and leadership within the framework of a project.

After passing the final exam, the graduate receives a certificate from the ISS International Business School of Service Management.

Their own project is implemented with learned methods in the participant's company.

We recommend bringing a laptop with office applications for the workshops, if available.

Course Contents

Day 1: projects in service

  • Basics of project management in service
    • Requirements for service projects, project types, success factors
    • Methods and tools in project management
  • Interfaces to marketing, sales, QM
  • Applying the contents of the day into your project


Day 2: project planning

  • The planning phase in projects
    • Organization and communication
    • Time planning and milestones
    • Resource and cost planning
    • Configuration and quality management
  • Applying the contents of the day into your project

Day 3: project realization and commissioning

  • From development to acceptance
    • Project organization
    • Work packages, tests, escalations
    • Optimizing external / internal interfaces
    • Project completion, acceptance / transfer
    • Legal aspects
    • Utilization phase and aftercare
  • Applying the contents of the day into your project


Day 4: team meetings, presentation and team-oriented project work

  • Team meetings
  • In-depth project management methods and tools
  • Presentation
    • Introduction to presentation techniques
  • Team-oriented project work
    • Project teams as a dynamic unit
    • Framework conditions and rules of the game

Day 5: team meetings, presentation and team-oriented project work

  • Leading projects
    • Tasks and functions of the project manager
    • Tools for project managers
  • Conflicts in projects
  • Motivation as an engine for employees in projects
  • Presentation
  • First preparation for the exams and the final thesis


Frontal lessons were yesterday! Case studies, project work and Co. are today!

  • Keynote speeches and dialogue-oriented lectures
  • Plenary discussion and active exchange of experience
  • Individual and group work
  • Case Studies, trainings
  • Final exam with elaboration and presentation of the service project


Who is the course for?

Executives and specialists active in the solution business and responsible for (service) projects at the customer's – across all industries. 

Speakers and Trainers

The speakers and coaches at the ISS International Business School of Service Management are active managers, entrepreneurs and consultants with many years of service experience.


Duration: 5 days (classroom training)

Start/End: 09:00 am to 05:30 pm each


We will inform you about the location of the event in due time.

Our Services

Personal payback, return on investment – you can expect that and more!

  • Participation in classroom courses (five days of attendance) and networking
  • Course documents
  • Drinks and lunch
  • Evaluation of the service project and the presentation
  • Certificate graduation

Direct implementation of what has been learned into practice – personal payback, customer added value and a direct return on investment for the company through the service project.


Please contact us for a selection of hotels for your accommodation.

Your Investment

Engagement, exams, fees: what you invest in the course.

Your time to attend five days of classroom courses, as well as preparatory and follow-up activities and personal work during the course period.

This includes in particular the work on the subsequent service project with a current reference to the topic from your own company. At the same time, the Service project ensures the payback for the sending company's investment in further education.

5 days of intensive classroom training € 3,680.00 plus VAT

Final exam and service project € 1,200.00 plus VAT


ISS Business Networking Package

The Business Networking Package is optional and includes the individual support of the participant throughout the entire duration of the course. Evening events with course participants and accommodation in the same hotel promote networking between the participants and increases their motivation. This package was developed for holistic learning and has proven to be a valuable addition to the course.
The price is subject to fluctuations due to the event and hotel selection and is communicated individually.


This course aims to qualify non-technical staff – business administration and communication. The aim is to apply methods and procedures to expand the service business into one's individual work practice.

With the certificate of the course “Certified Project Manager Service”, the graduates prove that they have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully fulfill the requirements of professional project management and participation in service projects as project managers or project staff.

The courses have been certified since 1992, since 2009 by the ISS ServiceAcademy. The high quality and topicality of the certificate courses is ensured by the advisory board of the ISS ServiceAcademy.

Information and registration

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