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Boosting Business Success with Service

Certified Service Management Compact English 

Eight managers from two market–leading companies attended the 1-week certified training program ‛Service Management Compact’ in Hamburg. The participants from medical diagnostic specialist DiaSorin and Rational, a manufacturer of high-tech cooking centers, came from the US, Italy, Belgium and Germany.

The focus of the program is on ‛Achieving operational Excellence in the Technical Service Business’. It lasts five days and is delivered by ISS trainers with long international experience in B2B and technical service training.

The first day of the course focuses on ‛Managing Change in the Service Business’: An increasing number of companies recognize that offering services around their physical products strengthens customer loyalty and satisfaction and provides an attractive source of high-margin revenue.
When developing their service business, companies usually go through a change process which includes 3 main stages: In the first step, they sell spare parts and provide break and fix repair, then they provide services to support their products, such as remote monitoring or preventive maintenance, and in the final stage they change their perspective from a product-centric towards a customer-centric focus.

Stepping into their customers shoes they now provide business support by managing part of a customer´s value chain. In particular Managing Change in the Service Business includes the following topics: The role of service as a future growth driver, tasks of the service manager, building customer loyalty and satisfaction and service innovation.

‘Internal and external Customer Management’, the topic of day two, starts with an external view which includes understanding customer needs and assessing their willingness to partner with external service providers in specific areas of their business.

On that basis, suppliers can develop specific product-service solutions targeted at different customer segments. Internal customer management focuses on how to improve the cooperation of service with other company departments and how to overcome the frequently encountered ‘silo mentalities’. The goal is to provide an integrated and consistent service experience for the customer through all touch points.

The first two days provide the participants with an external, market-driven perspective. Thereby, the link to customer satisfaction and to a company´s strategic approach is made obvious and the stage is set for operational excellence.

Days 3 and 4 of the program focus on ‘Service Controlling as a Tool for Cost and Profit management’, Process Optimization and Performance Management. Major topics here are: Service economics in a profit or cost center, business planning and budgeting and business process analysis.
Finally, the focus of day 5 is on ‘Implementing Excellence in the Service Business’. This part of the course deals with the critical link between service and business excellence and includes the following topics: Key Success factors and key performance indicators, the business balanced score card and business excellence models. In the afternoon of day 5, the participants take the final examination where they can demonstrate their understanding of the tools and frameworks imparted during the week and their ability to apply them in real-life business situations.

The training program is highly practical and involves interactive group tasks, business simulations, and plenary discussions throughout the week. This enables the participants to train the tools and models within the framework of their own businesses. The course also provides an ideal platform for the participants to share best practice with colleagues from other industries and to develop fresh ideas for their own service business.

A unique benefit of this program is the combination of strategic effectiveness and operational efficiency to repeatedly achieve business excellence by focusing on customer delight, satisfaction and loyalty.


“After one week intense training by different coaches and doing lots of workshops exercises how to transfer the theory directly in to my business, I would say, I like the idea of this course. This is not something that I could have learned at University. It is directly to my function ‘Service Management’ and what I like about the participants is that they are very energetic and passionate about their jobs.”
Damian Francabandiera, Corporate Service Manager Elisa and Molecular, DiaSorin, Italy


“Since I am a specialist in solving complex technical problems, it is very important for me to know more about business administration and management. My general understanding of the whole business is being more completed. Like small but worthy pieces of the puzzle.”
Filip Lindell, Service Manager & Process Optimization, Rational


“The most important part in my job is the leadership and management skills. There is a lot of interacting with different departments such as logistics, finance and the order management team. I got inspired by other companies like ‘Rational’. Sometimes we remain stuck in our own business and it helps to exchange knowledge with colleagues from DiaSorin and get new ideas. I will recap the content in my daily work with defining the most important topics and I will form cases for process management for changes and improvements.”
Dr. Ralf Schneider, Service Manager DACH, DiaSorin, Germany

“The different views of processes could help in having more effective approaches when assessing organisations. I personally gained more financial competence which will help in assessing performance.”
Davide Magnon, Corporate Training and Audit, DiaSorin, Italy

“Currently I am involved in two projects at corporate level: Stock Management Spare Parts and Selling Service. Therefore most of the things discussed in these days will support me in developing those projects. I learned that we have to move in the direction of changing the service organisation from a cost center to a profit center.”
Marcello Pedrazzini, Corporate LAS Mgr, DiaSorin, Italy


ISS International Business School of Service Management
The ISS offers 5 open training courses that are completed by a final examination. These courses are orientated to all aspects of a service business, and therefore accurately meet the specific needs of various target groups e.g. on Services Development or Service Operations facing business excellence. You will meet participants from other companies and take advantage of an intensive exchange of experience with the course facilitators. Corporate Programmes – like the one for v – and ISS Consulting activities, based on the ISS ServiceCompass are further support for corporations to grow with Service.