Service needs controlling, controlling needs service know-how

  • What are the success factors in the change towards becoming a service provider?
  • How should controlling take the organization, instruments & systems to the next level?
  • Which approaches can improve business partnering between Controlling und Service Management?
  • And, finally, how does the transformation work in practice?


Answers to these and further questions are provided by the new Dream Car Report on the topic servitization of the ICV-Ideenwerkstatt 2021/2022. In the chapter „Der Real Case Servitization: Die andere Case Study“ readers get an insight into successful practical examples. These show how customer companies of the International Business School of Service Management (ISS) are driving their servitization process.

This is not a classic case study where the focus is on a single company. Rather, the focus is on the servitization process as such. Based on the Preatimus Growth Model (NIBC, 2018), four development stages and three associated development steps are described. In the ICV guide, the stages are the following:


  • Stage 1: Product manufacturer
  • Stage 2: Product manufacturer with added value
  • Stage 3: Full service provider
  • Stage 4: Provider of integrated solutions


The insights and learnings discussed in the report refer to the servitization process in the following companies: Heidolph Instruments, Wibu ServicePlus GmbH, SEW-EURODRIVE and Drägerwerke Lübeck. The examples show how the above stages and associated steps are concretely implemented in business practice in order to realize the servitization process. All the companies mentioned  are currently involved in processes at the third or fourth stage of the model – either in the context of developing platform solutions or other cooperations which require suitable business and pricing models. All companies display authentic organizational thinking and acting. Successful transformation is realized by those who not only implement but continuously grow their service culture. It is only in this way that a servitization process can be executed sustainably, credibly and successfully.


The complete guide (available only in German), entitled „Servitization – Rolle des Controllings im Transformationsprozess zum Service-Champion“ (Hrsg.: Internationaler Controller Verein e.V. | 110 Seiten, Preis 29,80 EUR, ISBN 978-3-648-16203-3, Juni 2022), can be obtained from the Haufe Online Shop.


Servitization, service-driven business growth, is the core topic of ISS programmes and consulting projects. Customer focus and controlling are important parameters in this context. More information on the offerings of the International Business School of Service Management can be obtained here

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The collaboration of the author team was highly instructive and really fun. Many thanks to: Ronald Gleich, Stefan Tobias, Manfred Blachfellner, Lars Grünert, Heimo Losbichler, Claudia Maron, Stefan Patzke, Mischa Seiter, Matthias Gouthier, Stephan Kress, Eduard Stoppel, Deborah Nasca as well as Jan Christoph Munck-Rieder and the International Controller Verein e.V.

A heartfelt thank you also goes to the following companies for jointly preparing the cases: Heidolph Instruments, Wibu ServicePlus GmbH, SEW-EURODRIVE and Drägerwerke Lübeck