ISS TrendWorkshop Service 06/14/2018

Mastering the challenges of digital, global service business

Asia is ahead of us in digitization: with technologies such as AI, machine learning and BoTs. Communication is also rapidly shifting towards digitization – for both customers and the team.

Look forward to lectures on:

  • The Technology ethics game
  • Digital Transformation in APAC
  • Communication 4.0 – employees, customer, machines
  • Virtual Power Teams
  • Shaping the future – using opportunities smartly

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to the ISS International Business School
of Service Management

The courses and trainings ISS offers focus on strengthening and developing companies where service already does or will play a crucial role as part of their business. Nationally and internationally, we accompany companies in transformation projects offering assessment, consultation and development projects as well as management trainings..

In our view as a ‛Business School’, strategic alignment and operative implementation are inseparable to achieve the intended effect on the market. This is why we view all activities that actively strengthen transformation as an integral part of the service. Company employees are pivot to actively participate in assessment and consultation projects and in training as well as development transfer projects, Real Life Projects (RLP), to ensure the implementation of training contents in their daily work. Consequently, they are also crucial for the pay back; the ROI of the investment.

At the ISS, we understand services as an interaction between suppliers and customers aiming to generate additional value for everyone involved.

Our Philosophy

Service First ‑ Making services a success factor for companies is our ISS philosophy. In doing so, we support our clients in their strategic orientation towards their future markets and in concrete organizational and personnel development.

At the ISS, we understand services as an interaction between suppliers and customers aiming to generate additional value for everyone involved.

Topic Overview

What is Service about?

Service is when everyone is happy. Of course, but: customers’ expectations with regard to modern service nowadays, has radically changed.

Smart Services

In Industry 4.0, the digital and physical world are becoming increasingly interconnected. Data and service-based performance present service providers with new challenges.

Creating Value

Service creates a variety of intangible and material values – for the customer and the service provider alike.



Topics we work in with our customers.

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Service on call: You need a professional training for current marketing, sales and product management tasks NOW and not the day after tomorrow?
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Goals, strategies, processes: ensuring sustainability – strategic & conceptual consultation & organizational development in marketing, product management, sales & service.

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Made-to-measure for your company: transformations in companies are never identical. That is why we tailor measures for product management, marketing and sales individually.


Tuning for companies – with further education and consulting of the ISS.

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